Registration for Radio Sports

Note: Only those who have confirmed their attendance are eligible to register for radio sports. If you are still yet to update your transaction details please first update your transaction details.You can update your transaction details via this link.It may take upto 72 hrs to confirm your registration after you have updated your transaction details.

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Update Transaction Details

Your Payment status is still unpaid. You can add friends only after you have confirmed your presence.

Note : If you have already updated your transaction details then kindly wait until your payment is received and your attendance is confirmed.


You can mail us your payment details at

Please provide your delegate id and registered phone number along with your transaction id,transaction amount, transaction date and also attach the screenshot of your transaction in the email.

Fees :
For Fox Hunting : 300/-(per person).
For CW Contest: 250/- (per person).
For Both Contest: 550/- (per person). ONLY LICENSE HOLDERS can prticipate in Fox Hunting or in Both Contest directly using this form. If you still do not have your license you can CONTACT at to participate in Fox Hunting or Both Event.

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