Radio Amateurs World ( RAW ) Magazine

Radio Amateurs World (Rules and Regulations for Article Submissions )

  1. Eligibility:

    • Any individual interested in amateur radio, science, and technology can submit articles for consideration.
    • The magazine welcomes articles from all authors, regardless of their background or experience in the field.
    • For the current issue, special focus will be given to articles highlighting the participation and achievements of YLs (Young Ladies) in amateur radio, science, and technology.
  2. Content Guidelines:

    • Articles should be related to amateur radio, science, and technology.
    • The content should be informative, engaging, and relevant to the readers of Radio Amateurs World.
    • Authors are encouraged to explore a wide range of topics, including technical advancements, experiments, equipment reviews, DIY projects, scientific discoveries, and other related subjects.
    • For the current issue, articles specifically focusing on YLs in amateur radio, science, and technology are highly desired.
    • Articles should be written in English and should adhere to proper grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  3. Submission Process:

    • Authors must submit their articles via email to the designated email address provided by Radio Amateurs World Magazine.
    • The subject line of the email should clearly indicate the intention to submit an article.
    • The article should be attached in a compatible file format (.doc, .docx, or .txt).
    • Along with the article, authors should include their full name, contact information, a brief bio, and a high-resolution profile picture.
    • Multiple articles can be submitted, but each article should be submitted as a separate email.
    • Submitted articles should not have been previously published elsewhere.
    • The submission deadline is 23rd July 2023.
  4. Review and Selection:

    • All submitted articles will go through a review process by the editorial team of Radio Amateurs World Magazine.
    • The review process aims to assess the quality, relevance, and suitability of the articles for publication.
    • Selection criteria will include the accuracy of information, originality, writing style, and adherence to the magazine's theme and guidelines.
    • The editorial team reserves the right to accept or reject articles based on the review process.
    • Authors will be notified of the review outcome via email within a reasonable timeframe.
  5. Copyright and Publication:

    • By submitting an article, authors grant Radio Amateurs World Magazine the right to publish their work in both print and digital formats.
    • Authors retain the copyright of their articles and may republish them elsewhere after the initial publication in the magazine, with proper acknowledgment of Radio Amateurs World as the original source.
    • Radio Amateurs World Magazine reserves the right to edit the articles for grammar, clarity, and formatting without changing the original intent and meaning.
  6. Compensation:

    • Authors will not receive monetary compensation for their articles unless explicitly agreed upon separately.
    • Authors will be credited for their articles with their name, bio, and profile picture.
  7. Promotion and Advertising:

    • Radio Amateurs World Magazine welcomes promotional content and advertisements related to amateur radio, science, and technology.
    • For advertising inquiries, interested parties can contact the OSCAR INDIA Team at the designated contact information.

Note: These rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of Radio Amateurs World Magazine. It is the responsibility of the authors and advertisers to stay updated with any changes or updates communicated by the magazine.